Wound Care physicians

Though not a true non clinical work, it is much better than regular clinical work in terms of stress level. Vohra physicians: Vohra is the largest, most active physician wound management group in the US – delivering over a million patient encounters per year.  Their comprehensive wound management solutions include: Standardized, best practice physician services … Read more

Public Health

One can work in the Federal Government [FDA] as officer in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. The USPHS is a grat option for people interested in Public Health and a career in Public Service. One needs to respond to national health emergencies and also do some clinical work.


These are similar to blogging but these are easy if you have good voice and interest. Have a LinkedIn account and befriend the experts in your niche. Request them to be guests on your podcast. Just like in blogging, if you have good number of listeners, you can earn money with sponsors.

Independent Medical Examiner

Per Wikipedia, “An independent medical examination occurs when a doctor, psychologist, or other licensed healthcare professional conducts an examination of an individual to help answer specific legal or administrative questions related to a variety of situations, e.g., a disability claim; workers’ compensation case; a personal injury lawsuit (tort claim); impaired professionals program; or sexual harassment in the workplace.” How … Read more

Virtual Conferences

If you already have a non clinical job and want to share your experience with those who want to get into non clinical job, you can participate in virtual conferences and get paid. They may not do this every day but periodically, they do conduct these. Lot of websites are doing this. Physicians Helping Physicians … Read more