I am a physician doing one of the non clinical job part time. I can say that I love it and hope to increase my time in my non clinical job.

There are a lot of Work from home physician jobs. The more I looked at these physician side gigs, the more I found.

This blog is made to help you whether you want to do non-clinical work part time or you want to transition out of clinical work completely.

I want to list all the options we have as physicians and also include sources and examples to learn more and decide for yourself if you want to proceed and in what direction.

If you have career goals beyond clinical work either for extra money or just to enjoy other jobs, you are at the right place.

Lot of physicians transition out of clinical medicine due to burnout, worsening reimbursements, unfavorable malpractice environment, illness, work load, decreased compensation, not able to balance life, mentally exhausting, increased demands on physicians from all angles, and whole host of other issues.

Some doctors feel that their autonomy is lost. The feeling of never being enough in medicine is crippling to some.

Some feel that there is no upward mobility in medical field unless one spends an other $100K for an executive Healthcare MBA.

Some just want to do non traditional medicine with their life immediately after residency training.

If you want to do something differently for whatever reason, read further.

Some fear about not getting health insurance without spending a lot on premiums. The fact is that other non clinical sidegigs or jobs can also offer health insurance. So, experts recommend to look for your interests and not step back fearing about not getting health insurance from non clinical work.

Start looking at things you liked before medicine.

If you worked somewhere before clinical medicine, was it something you liked?

What would your ideal career look like? Try to envision the career of your dreams even though you believe it is impossible. Then, start working back from there.

Do you have any marketable skills?

Work with a career coach if you are still in doubt.

Make a good LinkedIn profile and start making connections in the field of your choice.

Look into all the non clinical sidegigs this site listed. Choose what would be interesting and closely linked to your current profession.

Google for what you want to look for and make some changes to your CV based on key words in the job description of the company you are interested.

Share this site with your friends. Contact me if you want to contribute to this site with more info after you get your dream non clinical sidegig. If you already have a sidegig and want it listed here, please contact me. I am a friendly person.

Good Luck.