You can literally teach anything on skype or zoom. Medical students need help, those looking for residency need help. You can teach personal finance to those busy health care workers if you are good at it. You can teach yoga, healthy living, coping up with stress, etc. Sky is the limit here.

Pharma Companies

Even though you dont have much prior pharma experience, you can learn on the job. There could be a steep learning curve initially but it could be rewarding. You can help in drug development in your field of experience especially. Translational and experimental medicine is for science geeks. Clinical development is to conduct clinical trials … Read more

Social Media Management

There are over 230,000 physician practices in the US, and hundreds of thousands of more non-physician practices, such as physical therapy and chiropractic practices. Most of them need or want a presence on the web. Other types of health-related businesses, such as weight loss centers, fitness facilities, counseling services, and home health agencies, need health … Read more


MCAT tutoring United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) tutoring–USMLE Pro, Med School Tutors, and Elite Medical Prep. Residency Interview Preparation


Invent something and patent it, collect royalties How to Become a Successful Physician Inventor: Bringing Your Ideas to Market? Create an app – iBuildApp.